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Perinatal Care

Holistic Perinatal Preparation, Education & Confidence

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You deserve to thrive, not just survive in motherhood!

Okana Care is dedicated to empowering mothers to explore their individual paths to achieving optimal wellness in mind, body, and emotions.

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Meet Dr. Powell

Okana Care is a heartfelt tale born out of the struggles of pregnancy and recovery - a space where mothers can find solace and support without fear of judgement. Our mission at Okana Care is to revolutionize perinatal support and recovery, providing new mothers with essential care and knowledge, focusing on holistic health for mother and child in a nurturing community. At the helm of Okana Care is Dr Powell, an author, blogger, and internationally recognized educator with extensive training in women's health. Her expertise in mind, body, and emotional wellness ensures that you can be the best Mama fully present and amazing.

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Pregnancy Support

Course or 1:1

Embrace your pregnancy journey with our comprehensive support services tailored to expectant mothers. Our pregnancy program offers personalized coaching that addresses your mental, emotional, and physical health, ensuring you feel prepared, educated, and confident. From nutrition advice and exercise tips to emotional support, we're here to guide you through every step of this beautiful phase. Let us help you navigate the changes and challenges of pregnancy with ease and assurance.

Birth Experience

Doula, Course, or Doula Dads

Transform your birth experience with our expert delivery support. Whether you're planning a hospital, home, or center birth, our team is equipped to provide you with the knowledge, strategies, and encouragement you need. Our services include birth plan consultation, labor support techniques, and understanding medical interventions. We aim to empower you with the confidence to make informed decisions about your delivery, ensuring a positive and fulfilling birth experience.

Postnatal Journey

Doula, Course, or 1:1

The postpartum phase is a critical time for all mothers. Our "Beyond" services focus on postnatal health and wellness, offering a variety of support options tailored to the needs of moms. From 1:1 coaching session with Dr. Powell to specialized online workshops, we cover essential topics such as energy management, hormone balance, and nutrition replenishment. Our goal is to support you in rediscovering yourself while adjusting to life, ensuring a smooth and empowered transition into motherhood.

what they’re saying

Dr. Powell was very instrumental during my pregnancy. I called on her for almost every scare or question I had. My water intake was horrible, she provided helpful tips to help me drink more water. I also had edema in my feet and she provided tips to help decrease the swelling. She is very knowledgeable both from a doctor’s perspective and her real-world experiences. She is someone you need and can always count on. I definitely recommend Dr. Powell, she’s phenomenal!


Dr. Powell is absolutely amazing! She was so knowledgeable and genuinely helpful. While preparing for the birth of my second child, Dr. Powell helped me to create a list of questions to ask my doctor and also prepare myself to heal mentally and physically after a planned C-section. Forever grateful!


Dr. Powell supported me in my desire to have a vaginal birth after 2 c-sections. The supplements, dietary recommendations, as well as a custom pregnancy plan, allowed me to deliver, without complications, a healthy baby boy. Dr. Powell also supported me in my early stages of postpartum helping me to heal physically, staying emotionally balanced, and suggesting various techniques for baby feeding and sleeping. I am forever grateful.


Dr. Powell came into my life and lifted my spirit every time I meet with her. Her knowledge and relatability make it easy to express how I feel and what is going on. If you are in need of a breath of fresh air to get you through to your precious bundle of joy, she’s the one for the job!


Dr. Powell helped me after I had my son. Actually, she helped me right before to be better prepared for the 4th Trimester. She told me what to look out for the first few weeks to ensure that I felt comfortable. As a black woman navigating our healthcare system, it made my transition from hospital to home a lot smoother.


Dr. Powell was a great resource for my 4th trimester. Being a first-time mom, Dr. P helped with suggesting items that made my life so much easier – items I didn’t know I needed. I spent most of my time researching what the baby needs, I forgot about what I needed. She’s very knowledgeable and creative, which is the best combination a person can have for getting through the pregnancy journey.


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